Dancing Around the World


Kasey Grisby showing off her ballet skills.

For the first time ever, Riverbend hosted an event called Dancing Around the World, sponsored by the Inclusive Claw.  Inclusive Claw is a teacher organization that wants to support the improvement of diversity in schools. This event was geared toward the homecoming theme “Around the World”. There were four dancers who volunteered to show off each of their cultures.  Madhvi Patel, a sophomore, showcased her talent of Indian/ Arabic dancing with a few hints of belly dancing. Freshman Becca Sobus did an Irish dance in a soft shoe. Assyria Tanurasa, a sophomore, did a Polynesian dance from the island of Hawaii, and sophomore, Kasey Grigsby, did a ballet French dance. At the end of the bear block, the audience had a chance to learn one of the styles of dance and get a chance to enjoy the spotlight. A majority of the audience agreed that they wanted to learn more about dances around the world.