Crime Solvers

During the first week of school, Riverbend High School had an assembly for each grade level. This year during these assemblies, they promoted the Crime Solvers program. The  program allows students to anonymously text a tip to report a crime and receive a cash reward for doing so if the report helps make an arrest and is legitimate. Dr. Troy Wright said that the Sheriff’s Office created this program and that it’s been around for a long time.

“I don’t think anyone knew about [Crime Solvers program]. We’ve had the signs for a long time; I don’t think people knew there was a tip line out there. Deputy Dibella mentioned promoting it a little more,” Dr. Wright said when asked why the program has been pushed so much this year. “We have a tip line, and I think we have kids that would come forward if they knew something was happening that could cause danger or could make the school unsafe.” Dr. Wright replied.

“You hear it a lot around school, ‘I wouldn’t give you up,’ and with this, you realize it’s just not the case,” Riverbend junior, Brianna Wilson, said in regrets to her first impressions when hearing about this program. “I’m very on the border with it because it’s to some people an appealing offer, so it will definitely help in some way. Some people are inclined to give information anyway, so this is just more of an incentive to do so now.”