Winter Track

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Riverbend is starting their new season of winter track. The winter track coach, Chris Markham, feels very confident that the boys and girls teams will stay competitive all season, but they still need to put in work if they want to finish at the top of the region. Evan Leach, senior, said, “I think we’re going to have a great year. We’re a young team with a lot of raw talent.”
Riverbend’s track meets five days a week to train to improve their odds to become the winning region. They usually meet for two hours at a time and sometimes in the mornings before school to get prepared for their competitions on the weekends. Sophomore, Anna Medlin is one of the members of winter track, provided some of her strategies that she uses during her training: “I always keep the mentality that the pain I feel now during practice is nothing compared to the joy I will be feeling at the meets and seeing myself hit new personal records. I’m really trying to get into a focused mindset this season as well.”
Of course every sports team has their struggle. When asked what they think their struggles would be this season they had a variety of ideas. Junior,Gian Torres said, “One main struggle for this season is keeping people healthy. We’ve struggled with that in the past, so it’s one of our main focuses.” Senior, Xantia Simmons said, “ Of course there are always struggles, such as having to get accustomed to a new coaching staff, injuries always pose a threat and the cold weather too.”
Each member from the team has unique training strategies, they all have different ways to make them motivated. Leach said one of his strategies during training is, “when you think you’re done, do one more.” Torres’ strategy is, “to keep an open mind to what my coach tells me to fix and to keep the energy up not only for myself but for my teammates around me.”
Everyone is really excited for the new season to begin, Coach Chris Markham says, “Coming right off of cross country season, I’m excited to see what we can do on the track. As new coaches, the athletes have made it very easy to make the team better, and I expect the same attitude to carry over into the winter season.”

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