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African elephants are listed as threatened underneath the Endangered Species Organization founded in 1977. This organization works to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned baby elephants, as well as work on general conservation throughout Kenya. In the 1900s, there once were 10 million elephants in Africa. Today, there are just a few hundred thousand, and their numbers are still declining.” Elephants show compassion, sympathy, social intelligence and self awareness all the things I’ve yet to see in the president,“ comedian Ellen Degeneres said. President Trump’s new policies will allow people to hunt for elephants and kill them for trophies. Ellen has rebuttled against Trump to protect her favorite animal. Trump is encouraging the killing of elephants by lifting the ban, on those who may bring the tusks back for trophy purposes and many arent standing for it.
Star and animal lover Ellen Degeneres has launched the #BeKindToElephants campaign, and said she would donate money to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a non profit that benefits African elephants. The posts have received thousands of interactions since DeGeneres shared them on November 17th. “I love elephants and if you take the time to learn about elephants, you would love them too,” DeGeneres said. Freshman Wyatt Burnly said, “Ellen is supportive of opinions and should continue to fight the ban.” The White House argued that the hunting would bring money to local communities and support efforts to protect elephants. The animal trophy ban had begun during the Obama administration. Under President Barack Obama, the practice had been banned because of a lack of data on conservation efforts in Zimbabwe.
Sophomore Madison Reed said, “Trump is arrogant and inconsiderate of how great elephants are. ”Lifting the ban will lead to many upset animal lovers and the debate on whether it will help or cause exstinction. Ellen is contributing to create funds after each tweet. Elephant shirts and souvenirs are being created as symbol of Ellen’s support to lift the ban. President Trump is being inconsiderate and in some cases cruel in his misconducts which may include his selflessness. Our president needs to view elephants as unique creatures, and trophies. #BeKindToElephants.

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