What is too much?

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PDA in schools has been a long debated topic by teachers and students alike. What is considered appropriate and what is not? Some students and teachers believe that public displays of affection should be left for after school, deeming it inappropriate based on the situation and circumstance. Others’ thoughts vary depending on their personal preferences, such as believing it’s acceptable to have minor PDA, like holding hands or hugging. However, some students are okay with all affectionate displays, on any level.
After a few years of attending high school, Senior Cheyenne Bicknell says, “I do not mind it as long as it is not too inappropriate,” along with many students who have the same mind set of less is more. This thought process makes for a more conservative relationship in the halls.
As for those who do not mind said gestures, hand holding, and public kissing may be in the cards for them. “I don’t really mind it but making out may be a little bit extra for school,” said Senior Keenan Washington. Another senior who agrees is Lindsey Wilson. She says that, “I think hugging and holding hands is perfectly fine as long as they’re not inappropriately touching each other and sucking faces.”
There are many ways to show a loved one that you care about them. Some may be more appropriate for the situation, but whatever you deem correct for your specific case is good for you. With schools students should adhere to the school’s rules on public displays of affection and leave the PDA out of RHS.

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