Profile: Nina Maliszewski

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It’s hard to believe but, senior Nina Maliszewski has only been at Riverbend for a short amount of time. Coming from St. Michael’s a year ago, she is already heavily involved in extracurricular activities at school and clubs such as Drama, International Thespian Society, Acapella, Spectrum, and Fresh Start. Nina says, “It’s really important to branch out from the things you know you like, which is one of the reasons why I joined Spectrum. It’s something I’ve never done before. It’s also important to time manage. Do not put too much on your plate.”
Aside from her involvement with clubs, Nina is also a bear squad leader. “I really like Fresh Start; it’s actually one of my favorite clubs that is not related to theater or chorus because I like helping people. I’ve always liked being a guide and I’m always willing to step up and help anyone who needs it,” Maliszewski stated.
For college, Nina is planning on majoring in musical theater. However, musical theater is extremely competitive because many people choose that career path. “My approach is putting myself out there. I submit my applications, I see what comes back, and then go from there,” she said. Since schools centered around musical theater are difficult to get in to, Maliszewski tries not to get her hopes up with any one school. “I’m trying not to have a favorite school because I don’t want to be unhappy with the result I get because honestly, when it comes down to it, you’ll be put where you are meant to be.” Maliszewski knows all too well of the stress seniors have when deciding on what school they want attend and choosing the right one.
With her dedication, work ethic, and persistence, Maliszewski is a true inspiration for other students to follow as an example of someone who reaches out and pursues her dream. She said, “Don’t limit yourself to just one option because you do not know what you will like until you see it.”

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