Breakfast express – A cart of variety. Pastries, juices, smoothies, and coffee. These are just a few of the newest items students can now purchase at the morning breakfast cart.
The new breakfast cart, brought to you by the cafeteria staff, can be found downstairs by the main stairwell during those early morning expeditions. This cart provides a nutritious breakfast for those students who are coming in to prepare for the day. “Kids weren’t getting breakfast, simply because they couldn’t get to it on time,” according to Mrs. Jewl, one of the cafeteria staff members. That is why the breakfast cart was set up: to bring RHS students a variety of breakfast choices every morning.
Riverbend High School senior, Adira Gray, said once the breakfast cart started up, “I started to buy breakfast more, which is good, because breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” Breakfast is an important meal, maybe the most important, and many students race to class a minute or two before the bell. However, this new feature gives students a chance to eat, even if you miss the first breakfast cart.
Justice Hood, a senior at Riverbend, stated that, “I come in late a lot, and I can still get breakfast between the first block and the second block on most days.” Getting up on time to get ready, eat breakfast, and get to school is easier said than done. By opening the cart a second time, the cafeteria staff gives a second chance for students to get the day rolling, even if they come in after the first block begins. So start your day off right, and don’t forget to stop by the breakfast cart before or after first block.