Human exploitation is at an all time high with international numbers between twenty and forty million cases to date. As the main victims are younger targets, students at Riverbend have felt the need to spread awareness with the S.A.V.E. club. S.A.V.E. stands for Spread Awareness for Victims of Exploitation. Co-President Juliana Poitras, a senior at Riverbend, said their main goal was to “spread awareness and raise funds against human trafficking.” This group trying to recruit people for the club and get it fully set up so they can start working in the community.
The club was originally established at other schools. In fact, the current members are carrying on Colonial Forge’s S.A.V.E club in honor of many students’ close friend, Helen Wang, who passed away this past summer. “We wanted to start this club here at Riverbend because not only is it a good cause, but our friend Helen Wang had helped start it at Forge, and unfortunately she passed away a few months ago in two car collision and we wanted to start the club in her honor,” said senior Megan Wenger, co-President. The club is still in the early stages of recruitment but is open for new members who feel passionate about the ideas and morals that drive this club. Mrs. Amanda Broklawski is the clubs sponsor. She is a Chemistry teacher here at Riverbend and she hopes to support club because she “likes to support good causes.” This club encourages students who share similar beliefs to jump aboard and help SAVE a life.