A wish to get, a wish to meet, a wish to go, a wish to give, or a wish to be. These are just some of the things seniors Amanda Doley and Madison Primo are fulfilling throughout Spotsylvania County. Make-A-Wish club is a new and upcoming club focused on granting wishes to kids with life threatening diseases such as leukemia or other forms of cancer. This nonprofit organization’s values are something that really spoke to Miss Williams, Madison Primo, and Amanda Doley as they decided to start this club. “I was motivated to sponsor this club because I was active in Make-a-Wish in college and it is really neat to start at a younger age group while making a difference,” said physical education teacher, Miss Williams. With this club’s goal set high on making a difference during the beginning of school, they have already participated in club rush, interest meetings, and recruitment, but expect more as this year progresses. “My goal for this school is to raise enough money to be able to grant a wish to at least one kid,” said senior Madison Primo. As this year continues, there are a variety of activities that have been planned to fundraise such as Wish Week(daily fundraising for a week), candy grams(bags of candy delivered with a donation) and Bake sales (donating money for baked goods). “I really want to be able to fundraise as much as possible so we can meet as many kids needs as possible. This club motivates me to do good in the world and help others because when I was twelve I lost my best friend to cancer” said Amanda Doley. With all these motivated individuals and ideas, Make-A-Wish Club looks to help those in need and bring awareness to an effective cause.