This year’s third annual Riverbend Emerald Classic, hosted by the Riverbend Emerald Sound and Guard, was deemed a huge accomplishment! Twenty marching bands, including Riverbend’s own, and the Virginia Tech Marching Virginians, performed live at the Riverbend football stadium on Saturday, September 28th. “We had a really good time,” said the Emerald Sound and Guard Captain, Zane Darden. “There was a lot of student involvement and motivation behind this year’s event.”

In spite of an unexpected midday rainstorm, positive enthusiasm circulated throughout the bands that day. “There was a lot of inclement weather and thunderstorms,” says Darden. “But despite that, the bands were very flexible and kept good spirits.”
The Riverbend Marching Band has shown lots of potential and ambition, especially during their performance at the Emerald Classic.“We did really good,” said Riverbend’s Colorguard Captain, Jillian Hood. “There was a lot of positive feedback from the judges and it was overall a good performance.”

Even after the storms, the crowd seemed to stay put and enjoy the outstanding performances. “The turn out went really well, but we had a couple rainstorms,” said Riverbend’s marching band director, Mr. Wadsworth. “But it didn’t seem to deter the crowd too much. We filled up the stands without an empty seat there.”

Through and through, the Emerald Sound and Guard have put in many hard earned hours for their performances. “It’s a difficult show and I know they can do it, but they’re really going to have to reach for it, it’s not just going to happen,” said Wadsworth. “They’ve really dug deep and have put in the hours. They’ve worked hard and I’m very proud of where they are now and what is yet to come.”