Education, energy, and engagement: these are the qualities of teaching students want to see in their teachers. For four Riverbend students, this is exactly what they strive to achieve. Teachers for Tomorrow is a new program this year in Spotsylvania County, in which students from all surrounding high schools can come together and learn what it is like to be a teacher. Four students from Riverbend are partaking in this program, Seniors Lindsey Patten, Shelbi Shelton, and Matthew Brussock along with junior Kathryn Bahre. Every other day, these students get on the bus at 7:35 in the morning and make their way over to Chancellor High School where they, for three hours, observe and learn what it takes to be a teacher. “I had always had an interest in becoming a teacher and I figured this would be a good way to earn college credit and learn a little bit more about the profession I want to study,” said Patten. These types of classes will earn students college credits and help them figure out interests, which will help tremendously in the future.
There are many different subjects to choose from, Shelton stated, “I would definitely want to teach algebra at the high school level.” To become an educator, you have to go through college for a minimum of four years. College is an important step in becoming a teacher, so you have to be taught before you will be able to teach. “I am hoping to teach foreign languages at the high school level,” Brussock said. This program can help many students see what it is like to be a teacher, they will be getting hands on learning experiences, and may even be teaching actual classes towards the end of the year. Everyone in this program agrees that Teachers for Tomorrow is a great program to invest time into for those who may be interested in becoming a teacher in the world of tomorrow.