The bliss of the first bite, leaves you wanting more, but for some, the dream is slowly crumbling like a Chicken Chalupa. Taco Bell has recently removed some of the most popular menu items among customers. The Cool Ranch, Fiery Doritos Locos Taco, and Double Decker Taco, are just a few of the departing menu items have many people upset. Taco Bell is attempting to declutter their menu and to prioritize their recently updated combos, as well as their best selling items.
The new menu assortment places the “Favorites” on the top left, with the new combos stretching across the bottom. The menu still contains a list of Snacks, Party Packs, Cravings Value Menu, and Drinks to the side of the main menu items. In the Favorites, the type of food is sectioned off into categories such as Tacos, Burritos, etc.
Although many people express that they have been affected by this change, people like myself can say that we haven’t, because the item we regularly order wasn’t one of the departing items. If the Cheese Quesadilla were to leave, I would be upset, because I would have to find a new item that I enjoy as much as the Cheese Quesadilla. While we can not attest to how the people who are affected by this are feeling ,we can voice how we would feel if the item we loved were to leave as well. Hopefully, these new, even though for some, scary changes lead to bigger and better things.