As the new movie “Joker” debuted at the Venice Film Festival, a frenzy began to manifest. People where nervous upon seeing the trailer because of past affiliations with a Batman movies back in 2012. A number of emotions surrounded the film, as it approached the mark of hitting the theaters on October 4th.
The fear of mass shootings at screenings resulted in the U.S military advising services members to be alert, and theaters posting local police officers around the buildings on opening weekend. The involved families of the 2012 movie-theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado even reached out to caution viewers. Although, there were many concerns about the film that does not stop it from breaking October records with an opening of more than $80 million. “I feel like you can’t really predict these events, and there should be more precaution in theaters. The movie shouldn’t be blamed for the tragedy, the person should be blamed for the crime,” junior, Mary Hiney.
As Joker gained more popularity, commentators started debating the movie’s portrayal of a psycopath, Arthur Feck (Joaquin Phoenix), who embraces murder and cruelty. Todd Phillips, the director, puts a new twist on the character “Joker” by positioning him as an antihero, an evil figure who becomes a beacon of vigilante justice. Sophomore Sage Milton explained, “The actor portrays Joker differently than anyone else.There have been a number of actors who portrayed him as completely insane, where Jaoquin Phoenix gave him a deeper side, it was really interesting to see.”
Although some fans of the DC Universe were upset because of the film’s separation from the comics, it’s indeed an interesting watch. Joker gives fans a new look on the beloved character’s life and gives a modern outlook on the infamous origin story. Sophomore Sean Ellis gave his feedback on the film. “I think it gave a new point of view of how the villain goes insane, and it’s in his perspective,” He stated.
The film tells the story of a mentally ill man (Arthur Feck) who is dissatisfied with his life, with goals to become a famous comedian. The trailer portrays two sides of Arthur, one showing the darker tones of his life and how his inner turmoil tears him apart; contrasting with when he grows into the Joker side of him, who is optimistic, unpredictable, and seemingly pleased with how far he’s come. The trailer also shows events of civil unrest, which kickstarts the iconic character’s uprising. Whether you’re a fan of the DC universe or not, Joker is a stunning tale of how a villain comes to be and how it shapes the society around him.