Many students in Riverbend have the opportunity to show off their talents: young actors performing plays, straight A students winning academic competitions, and athletes bringing home trophies from their victories. However, one group of talented individuals are often overlooked, the artists. Whether it be sculpting, painting, drawing, or even digital pieces, these creators go unnoticed. However, they can spend days on perfecting each piece and improving their skills.
Annabella Clarkson has been pursuing art for as long as she can remember, and prefers to use pencil to create incredibly realistic portraits. Recently, Clarkson won a fan art contest that the K-pop group NCT held. Having taken many art courses throughout high school, she has had a great deal of time to improve. She advises that new or unsure artists broaden their skills by never being too afraid to try something. “When it comes to improving, try everything,” She stated.
Christopher Funes has been working with traditional mediums of pen and paper for most of his life, but more recently he has grown interested in stippling; a medium of art that is made entirely of small dots arranged in varying patterns. In his AP Art course, he focused his concentration on humans and the beauty of nature. He is most proud of his self portrait, created with colored pencil and stippling. “It’s supposed to represent what’s on the inside and judging on the outside,” Chris explained.
Joanne Bae likes to listen to music and thinks deeply to get inspired. She often likes to convey a message with each piece, ranging from uplifting to more serious works, using mostly ink and marker as her medium. Joanne would like to go into design or communication to pursue art outside of high school. “Art, to me, is a form of communication where there are no words,” She stated.
For a look into the works of each of these talented students, follow them on Instagram. Annabella: @avorallora Christopher: @colorful.chris Joanne: @B.Kang.Art