Lovers Lane is Closed

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, highschool couples begin to worry about where to take their boyfriend or girlfriend on a date. One may treat their significant other to a nice dinner or maybe a movie after school. What some don’t know is that Riverbend, itself, has a few romantic date spots around the building.
Before the bell rings, couples have the opportunity to share embrace down Lovers Lane, the hall right outside the library. To Riverbend’s librarian, Mrs. Price, everyday is Valentine’s Day. Right outside the library windows, she has a complete view of all the love Riverbend has to offer. Couples could also share a passionate conversation of the latest economic climate in the hall outside of computer lab 80/82. If you’re looking for something a little more private, some couples prefer to rest comfortably while discussing how much one will miss the other when attending class..
I sympathize with the teachers who have to stand in the stairwells and monitor the halls, while having to listen to the murmurs of sweet talk and the, “No; I’ll miss you more!” and “No; you’re the best.” For all they endure, they at least deserve some sort of pay raise.
I am aware that not everybody has a special someone to share Valentine’s Day. Those who are single may be planning a date with Netflix and a liter, maybe a whole gallon, of ice cream. Others may still be trying to pursue a relationship with that special person in their life, in hopes of achieving a date on Valentine’s Day. A word of advice, don’t give up.
This Valentine’s Day, for those in a relationship, celebrate the happiness you have with your partner. To those who are still single, celebrate loving yourself and who you are. To everybody, whether single or taken, celebrate the love for your family, friends, and anyone else who has made a difference in your life.