Ms. P

Second year teacher, first year new teacher of the year, DECA advisor, Young Life leader and Class of 2011 Riverbend High School graduate; these are the many hats Ms. Pacheco or better known as Ms. P wears. Ms. P. originally started her career here at Riverbend as a substitute teacher, but is now a full time teacher, who helps students learn about Introduction to Marketing and Economics and Personal Finance. “Even now it’s still a little weird to see my former teachers as colleagues, but honestly, I love Riverbend!” She went on to say,
“I loved it as a student and now being on the other side of things, I still think I’m apart of the best school ever.” While she attended Riverbend Ms. P. was an active participant in Young Life. Young Life is religious based group that works to instill fun while spreading the word about Jesus Christ. After high school, while she was pursuing her collegiate degree, Ms. P. was a Wyldlife leader, which is Young Life for middle schoolers, and a Young Life leader at James Monroe High School. Ms. P became a Young Life leader last year for Riverbend, when she started teaching here. Her favorite part about being involved in Young Life is the relationships she makes with students. “Young Life has an incredible way of breaking down barriers so that leaders can cultivate authentic relationships with highschoolers. I can still call or hangout with the girls that I met when they were in eighth graders are now sophomores in college! I even keep in touch with my leader, who I met nine years ago.”
Overall Ms. P loves the values and relationships created by Younglife’s Organization. “I think it’s the best that I get to bring my two favorite things together. A lot of people think I am crazy to want to spend my own personal time with high school students outside of my normal working hours, but I honestly just can’t imagine not being involved in Young Life.” Ms. P. dedicates a great deal of time to high schoolers through many organizations besides her education career. “I am fortunate to have Ms. P as a teacher and Young Life leader because she pushes me to see the good in others, stay positive and pursue my education. Ms. P is so pure and I am so lucky to know her,” said Junior Ashlyn White. Ms.Pacheco is a great addition to our school. She has impacted so many lives in different ways. The students here are lucky to have her additional support outside of the classroom.