Anne of Green Gables

For the fall play, the RHS Theatre department performed Anne of Green Gables by L.M Montgomery. The play tells the story of Anne, a charismatic and positive orphan living in Avonlea, a small town on Prince Edward Island. When an old pair of siblings want to adopt a young boy who can work on their farm, they are shocked to find out the orphanage made a mistake, and Anne is sent instead. They decide to keep her and raise her into a proper woman. Played by senior Emily Hall and Austin McNichols, the two actresses worked with great effort to portray the red headed heroine accurately. “It was a bit hard to learn all the lines, but it was a fun challenge, everyone was really supportive. I’ve always loved the TV show, Anne of Green Gables so to get into character I watched it again.“ Stated Hall.
Senior Justin Guhl played Matthew Cuthbert in the play, possibly his final show in Riverbend. “Matthew and I are kinda the same person, we’re both awkward but pretty kind. We linked together pretty well. This was our senior show, and I’ve waited a long time to do it, I helped build the set with my own hands,” Justin explained
The process for putting on a play is long and difficult, says our theater teacher Ms. Kelly Cresswell. “We like to choose students who are a little bit new to performing, to give them some experience, and then we get right to work on costuming. Some of our characters had up to seven costume changes, so that takes up a lot of time.” Cresswell explained. After costumes the theatre department then moves on to building the sets. The entire cast and crew work to create the sets, all on their own. Riverbend’s theater is unique because every show is done only by the students, Ms. Kelly Cresswell, and Ms. Wendy Green; whereas other departments often have outside help volunteers and parents.
The play had a number of heartwarming moments, such as when Anne bonds with her caretakers Matthew and Marilla, and the many choices Anne has to make as she tries to fit in with her new classmates at school. She faces family troubles, friendships, and has to prove herself to a judgemental town. Anne and her quirky personality provides just enough comic relief. This year’s production has come to it’s close, but the students will take with them the memories of putting together this brilliant production.