Blood Drive

The Riverbend SCA hosted its second annual blood drive of the year on January 28, 2019 for students and faculty. This drive was a huge success with over 34 donors coming out to support this wonderful cause.
The SCA held a blood drive in August and collected 29 pints of blood to donate to the Red Cross. For this drive, a goal was set for 30 pints and Riverbend students and faculty helped to exceed this goal with 34 pints of blood. By donating one pint of blood, volunteers were able to save the lives of three people in need of a blood transplant. Senior, Jonah Camp, SCA Vice President of Service, said, “By doing the blood drive, we get to help the Red Cross and also give the students a way to donate blood through the school.”
Most donors choose to donate their blood to make a difference in the lives of people around them. Junior, Ryan Butcher stated, “I donated blood because it’s a nice thing to do and it usually helps other people in the long run.” By participating in this drive, donors were able to do good for the community by helping someone in need.
Ms. Esposito stated that, “We have one more blood drive this year on April 1. The Red Cross has given us the challenge of exceeding our 34 pints we collected at this drive. We are hoping to increase the number of student and faculty volunteer donors to reach that higher goal.”