Fredericksburg Auction Block

Fredericksburg is a city known for its role in both the Revolutionary War and the Civil War and the historical battlefields in the area. Being deeply rooted in American history, many artifacts remain from the past, both good and bad, including the auction block found in downtown Fredericksburg which has brought much controversy to the city at the start of June 2019.
What started out as an auction block to trade animals and personal property, evolved into a trading site for slaves. Some in the local community feel this site has major historical importance and is property of the people, so it should not be moved. On the other hand, others believe that it is a reminder of continuing racism and hatred, humiliating this historical city that is full of many positive things to see.
After debating how to properly deal with the situation, the City Council decided that the auction block should be relocated to a less public area, but can still be accessed by those who want to see it. According to, “the City Council voted July 11 to have it moved to the Fredericksburg Area Museum,” in order to preserve this monument and add a new exhibit to the museum.
The stone still sits on the corner of William and Charles Street until the date of its removal. The day the auction block will be moved and placed in the Fredericksburg Area Museum is not currently known, but will be coming in the near future.
For now, the stone has started a conversation among the many members of the community, which will hopefully lead to changes in thought and in action. One thing is for sure, the stone is a reminder that not all things worth discussing have to take place on a grand scale.