Future Plans

Seniors are facing one of the most stressful times in their lives as the deadlines of college applications are approaching. Some students have always known where they have wanted to apply from a young age. While others may not know until they begin applying, there are some who may choose to not go at all. Community College, Ivy Leagues, Four year universities, trade schools, and Work. These are the possibilities that seniors are considering once they graduate and move on.
There are some students who may struggle with the college application process, but there are others who find process easier. Senior, Reagan Miller ,said, “Because of my athletic recruitment process, I found it to be easier on deciding where I wanted to apply.” Visiting schools for athletics it gives the student an insight to whether or not they would enjoy the type of environment at that school. However, a student does not only have to tour a school for their athletics ,but for their academics as well.
Some students may choose to go straight into the workforce instead of going to college. Senior Kendrick White said, “I’m not going to college, because I’m going to work at the Warehouse with my Step-dad.” He went on to say, “College just isn’t part of my plan right now.” Some seniors choose to go straight to work or choose to attend a trade school, because they know that those would benefit them more than going to a college that would not help them in their profession. With many options available to seniors, are looking to find their own way in the transition from adolescence to adulthood.