M.E. Project

The Mental Health Empowerment Project, better known as the ME Project, created this year, strives to promote better mental health among Riverbend’s students through education and discussion. A variety of guest speakers are invited to come and talk to these students about different issues that could affect mental health and how to properly deal with them.
Officer, Autumn Crawford, stated that, “One of our recent guest speakers was from the Fredericksburg Mental Health Counsel.” The speaker was Barbara Horn who spoke on pressing topics such as depression, suicide, and ways to improve a persons mental health. Natalie Riley, the ME Project president, stated that, “We have over 80 members and the purpose of the project is to spread awareness of mental health issues to Riverbend’s students.”
Caitlynn Hibbits, one of the projects officers, stated that, “One of our goals is to be there for Riverbend’s students, so we meet once a month during Bear Block and talk about different topics concerning mental health each time we meet.” They discuss a broad range of topics from eating disorders to family issues, giving students the knowledge they need to sort through the problems they may face.
Bringing to light the concerns of mental health issues is important, as it gives students the knowledge they will need to support the students around them. The ME Project creates a healthy and safe environment for students to learn and discuss their path to achieving clarity, while developing friendships these students can depend upon.