Midterms and Mutts

This year, all Spotsylvania County Schools took midterms regardless of snow. Many seniors haven’t taken midterms since their freshman year and were not happy about having to take them this year. Some felt that these tests should not have to be taken. Senior Phillip Beck said, “I don’t think we should have midterms because they are stressful for both the teachers and students.” Having to take five to eight tests over the course of four days can be very stressful and can be difficult to figure out when to study for them all.
Midterms are mid year assessments of cumulative curriculum knowledge from the first semester. Junior, Ashlyn White has never taken a midterm in her high school career. Since some students had never taken midterms, there was concern that they wouldn’t know how to study for them. The midterms mark the halfway point through the school year and after midterms the students and faculty went on Christmas break.
To combat the anxiety of the week, the school brought in therapy dogs from the company Blue Gray Therapy Dogs, which is a national organization. Therapy dogs are provided to relieve stress, provide affection, provide comfort, and support to those around them. Senior Madeline Vioral said, “The dogs definitely helped me calm down in a way and just chill and not really stress much about midterms, and I loved the fact that I got to hangout with a dog for a bit at school.” The dogs at Blue Gray are trained for readings and to go to Mary Washington Hospital where they visit with the patients and their families. The event was a good way to relieve stress before any finals or any other test. Sometimes, if it just takes someone to lend a hand to help with the stress, or in this case, a paw.