Australian Fires

A fire with massive devastation has been talked about around the world. Over the past month 2,000 homes, 28 people, and 1 billion animals has all been lost due to the worst recorded wildfire recorded in Australia. Lives have paused, as their homes, jobs, lives, and animals are endangered by the burning beast of the wildfire, with a great fear of losing everything.
Sophomore, Sofia Barbieri said, “People need to be more conscious of their impact on the environment and how something so simple as a spark can have such a drastic and devastating effect on the entire country.” Many countries, including: New Zealand, United In addition to countries reaching out in aid, celebrities including some from Australia like Chris Hemsworth have been donating money to the services fighting to end the fires. Freshman, Cynthia Bonilla said, “I think they should donate, because they have the money to.” On top of donating themselves, celebrities have been posting links for people to slide up and donate, helping the donations for Australia grow.
Besides the growing donations, many have focused on saving the wildlife, while their homes have either been lost or in danger of being lost. Koalas have been one of the groups of animals many have been concerned about, because of their consent drop in population, as this massive fire could put them on the endangered species list; many question what will happen to not only the koala,but other wildlife indigineous to Australia.