OK Boomer!

Tik Tok has blatantly taken over the youth of the country, but is it for the worst? A new “slur” has risen from the app based off the elderly who were born in the Baby Boomer age (1944-1964). A little tune that college student Johnathan Williams made, which went viral on Twitter and shortly followed on Tik-Tok referring to elders as “boomers”. Millennials have added the term “Ok boomer” to their vocabulary and use it often in a joking manner, behind the “boomers” backs. If someone of older age, even a parent or teacher, says something a teenager might not agree with, that is when the term would be inserted.
The stigma around it is that it is a slur and intended to be very offensive. “It is used to describe an older person,” says senior Rachel Lynch. It is not taken as seriously as other slurs. “To me, it is a term used as a comeback when an older person says something that does not apply to our generation,” says senior Kelbie Pyburn.
The younger generation see it more as an antic, but elders are becoming more aware of the controversial term. Although it is not as viral to the age group yet, there have been several videos and articles revealing the term to the elders. “I am a boomer!” said former RHS staff member Zoe Schlorff, “I have not heard it in person, but I am aware of the controversy.”
This may just be another one of Generation Z’s gags for giggles, something they are very well known for. This trend will most likely end relatively quickly, and then quickly onto the next.