Read My Lips

Paramount Network’s Lip Sync Battle was the inspiration for Riverbend’s student council to start their very own lip sync battle. Bear squads and various groups are encouraged to participate in this engaging and challenging competition.
To start off, the groups must select musical hits to make it through the preliminary rounds. After that, there is a 45 second time frame for the initial round. If the groups advance, the final round allows a 90 second time frame, saving the best for last.
“Judges are basing scores off originality, memorization, and teamwork,” states judge and SCA treasurer Madison Primo. The winning squad will be recorded and revealed during bearblock on February 7th. So far, 12 groups have signed up to perform popular Tik Tok hits. “There will be a live vote that the school will participate in from their classrooms,” said SCA president Mary Grace Patillo.
The SCA says as soon as the sign up sheet went live a significant number of students signed up. Senior Kelbie Pyburn plans to participate and stated, “Mr. Wessel said I was the first person he thought of to do this. I think I’ll win because I’m one of the greatest Tik Tok stars of all time and I have a good partner.”
This competition is the perfect way to be more inclusive in Bear Squad and have some fun school-wide. After the final round vote, the true Riverbend Lip Sync Battle champion will be revealed.