Holiday Shopping

It’s that time of year! The sales are out and it’s time to start shopping. For years, people have spent hours standing in line to buy a few gifts, but recently online shopping has become increasingly popular considering how easy it is to order your gifts. While many stores are still packed during this time, online shopping has dramatically reduced the number of people going out to purchase their items not only during the holiday season, but year round. Although online shopping is great, it’s not without its pros and cons.

Online shopping
The customer is allowed to shop without leaving home
Consumers don’t have to go through lines and crowds, so it saves time
Online stores don’t have business hours, so orders can be placed anytime of day
Porch pirates could steal packages from the front steps of homes
Customer may have to pay for shipping and handling, and delays are possible
Credit card information could be stolen from online stores

Store shopping
Direct communication with employees is provided if assistance is needed
Clothing can be tried on to make sure they fit before buying the item
There’s no need to wait for a package to arrive, you can get your item on the spot
It can be hard to calculate how much you are spending while shopping in a store
Lots of time is wasted while in the store comparing prices
Sending gifts bought from a store to others can be more expensive than having it shipped directly to them