Turf Stuff

Riverbend’s athletic department has been making advancements to improve the quality of its fields. The field began its installation process in November and is anticipated to be done before the start of spring sports. Funding for this came from a voter approved bond within the county. Both soccer and lacrosse will be the first to determine the quality of the new turf. Government teacher and varsity girls soccer coach, David Wessel stated, “I think the new turf fields are going to be a major improvement for spring sports because the weather will not be as big of a factor when trying to get games in when the fields are wet it. It will also be a very effective tool to keep us competitive with some of the teams we play.”
Students, athletes, coaches and teachers are all excited about the new turf. However, there are some disadvantages that come with it. Sophomore Mason Amelung, varsity lacrosse player explained, ”I think turf fields will be good because it will increase our ability to practice when the weather isn’t cooperating. The only downfall is if it isn’t completed early enough, we [sports teams] will lose practice time.”
With many differing opinions on the turf field, the school is excited regardless. Sophomore and varsity soccer player, John Sutton said “I think the turf fields are important and critical to our county because they will allow safer fields to play on as they reduce injuries due to cushioning the impact of falling because of the padded layer underneath.” Riverbend the second school in the county now officially getting its own turf field. However, is the first school to get a green turf field within the county since Courtland’s Kentucky Blue. Both students and coaches seem to be excited for this new upgrade and look forward to see it put to use.