Thanksgiving Football

A Thanksgiving tradition of family coming together not just to eat food and give thanks, but to watch football. This day is not only about food, but about families watching one of the most beloved sports in the country, while some even play a little too. Two teams play consistently every year, the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys. The eyes of the nation fall on them every year, but before the game ,some families decide to go outside and play themselves, after eating a big meal.
Before the dinner is finished, and the game has begun, families step outside and play a game themselves. Mr Wright, a Government teacher at Riverbend, said, “We play a little family football game usually the Wright side against the Pierce side, the Wrights are better.” Watching football is also a big part in his family’s Thanksgiving Day traditions, however he believes the Lions and the Cowboys are ,“both trash,” since he is a Redskins fan.
Some people carry on the tradition of incorporating football into their families traditions, while hating either both or one of the annual playing teams. Senior Madie Culbertson said, “ I kinda like the lions, but I hate the Cowboys.” She still continues to watch these teams play every year, for it is a tradition in her family. While some people may continue this on-going tradition, choose not to take part. Senior Austin Jensen said, “No, I never watch football, like ever, the most I watch are the highlight reels on Snapchat.”
Not everyone will partake in this Thanksgiving Day event, but for many it will continue to pass on through generations.