Out of Season Practices

Out of season practices are finally starting up again for Riverbend students. Many athletes are excited to see teammates, spend time outside, and get away from their computer screens, but because of the pandemic, many new rules and regulations have been put into place to keep our athletes and coaches safe.
Junior Ashlyn Eckhart is on the lacrosse team and she’s glad to be back on the field. “We get to be outside and enjoy the fresh air. We get to condition more too,” Ashlyn states. Sophomore Caroline DeDecker is on the field hockey team and she also enjoys these practices. “I get to see my teammates who I haven’t seen in so long.”
With the pandemic still going on around us, athletes and coaches have to follow new guidelines to prevent the spread of Covid. DeDecker says “we have to be in small groups, so half of the team is in a group and the other half is in another group”. This helps the field hockey team maintain social distancing guidelines while still being able to practice. Sophomore Camille Trotta is a pole vaulter and she also has to abide by new rules. “We each have our own pole so that we don’t have to share,” Camille explains.
The Coronavirus pandemic put sports on hold for Riverbend students for a long time so many athletes are very excited to get back to practice. Athletes are using this practice time to see their friends and teammates and to get outside. With the pandemic still happening around us, athletes are hopeful that they’ll be able to continue practicing and have a normal season this school year.