Fall is Here


Jeremiah Nohr

Fabiana Miranda and Jeremiah Nohr sit and drink lattes.

Cold wind hits my face as I sit down with Fabiana Miranda, a senior, over a warm cup of joe. We both laugh from the irony of wanting to have that warm Fall feeling, yet sitting at the metal tables outside of Starbucks. This feeling is what I think of when I think of Fall. What is yours?
“Well for me, when I think of Fall I think more of Halloween. I love Halloween, especially because of all my [SFX makeup] stuff. And it’s when it’s not weird to do, Everybody’s like it’s the season for spooky. Tis’ the season,” said Miranda as she picked up her piping hot Chai tea latte. She reflects on how Fall is the perfect temperature for her and how it’s the more relaxed season. “I know it’s like, ‘Oh but Winter and Christmas is the cozy season,’ but I think Fall is more cozy.” As we finish our Fall spiced drinks, we are reminded of how the cold is creeping up on our Fall evening.
Fall has a different meaning for everyone. For Solomon Jang, a senior at Riverbend, Fall ties back to his early years. “My closest memory to Fall is when I used to go trick or treating,” said Jang. In addition to Halloween traditions, he remembers a time at his elementary school fair, when they would have a cake walk. In the time of quarantine though, he acknowledges how different it might be due to the coronavirus, which is a common worry among students during this time.
Coming from an artistic background, Kailee Hall said, “I think of warm colors like oranges and browns. Wearing warm clothes is my favorite part.” Her favorite drink to get at Starbucks is anything cold, regardless of the season but specifically she likes an iced white mocha from Starbucks. Hall reflected on what Fall means to her, “I think of that time when [me and my friends] went to homecoming my sophomore year. I think of the times when I took my sister trick or treating.”
Fall can have different meanings to different people. It can connect you to a simpler time, fond memories of trick-or-treating with friends or family, or long-held traditions that people can look forward to every Fall. Find what that Fall feeling is for you.