Tik Tok


An app most people have that started as a joke and turned into something most people use daily. Some people can scroll for hours as a pastime when they’re bored and some are only on it occasionally. Most of the time people are looking at what’s trending or what pops up on their for you page. So what tik tok trends did you love and hate? Did you do any trends?
One trend was where you would put makeup and outfits on that you would wear in cartoon episodes, examples like a beach episode or a sleepover. “I love the trend of what you would look like as a cartoon because people’s personalities really shined through, and I hated the pause trend because I never paused fast enough to see the screen shot.” Katie Davis, a junior at Riverbend, said. “I did end up doing trending audios that had popped up but one video I did was the rules you would have as a parent, and that kinda blew up with 600 likes and over 4 thousand views.”
A more recent trend is where people would sit down in a regular outfit and throw a shoe into the air and act like they were kicking it and transition into a different outfit. A student answered, “I loved the trend where they sit down in a chair and throw up a shoe in the air and transition into another outfit because it was just cool to look at everyone’s style. I hated any dancing trend because they were all basic and boring to me.” As I talked to Matthew Kitts a sophomore at Riverbend he said, “I ended up posting a video to a trending audio with an AU of a transgender mafia boss and it blew up completely.”
When I posted a poll to see what trends most people loved and hated, most people seemed to hate dancing trends, “I hated any dancing trend because they were boring and most of the time on the straight side of Tik Tok.” Audrey Young, a senior said.
I found most people dislike any dancing trend while others’ favorites vary depending on what they are interested in and like. Needless to say most people are on Tik Tok and spending way too much time on it whether it’s watching videos or making them.