The Hybrid Transition


After two months of virtual learning at the end of last year and two months of the beginning of this year, school is going hybrid. It has been a long few months and longer now that we are entering the final stretch of virtual learning. A lot of people are excited to go back. Although there will be a lot of restrictions at the school, students just want to be back in the building and have a change of scenery.
Students are eager to get back to class. Some students struggle with online learning and focusing in the home environment. Senior Joe Minter said that he is looking forward to going back because he isn’t good at working on computers. Computers have been a major problem during online learning. There have been a lot of technical difficulties that have let students or teachers not be able to complete or start what they are supposed to be doing. The students have been stressed because they haven’t been able to organize their stuff as much. Joe Minter says that it is hard to organize things in a computer because you have so many browsers and apps. Once we get back to class, hopefully students will be less stressed with having to do everything virtually.
There are conversations on how long hybrid learning will last. With all of these restrictions that will take place, there are questions on how long hybrid learning will last, if it lasts. Some other schools or universities, like James Madison University have tried to go back, but ended up returning to online learning. Joe thinks that hybrid learning will not last long because coronavirus will somehow hit a couple people which will send us home. That is a big issue with returning to school. The schools are going to have a lot of stress on how to handle the virus no matter if it hits one person or one hundred. There will most likely be a lot of restrictions. The students are going to have to socially distance and wear masks all day. Joe Minter thinks that we will be back home soon because students cannot stay away from socially interacting. I think the school has a lot on their hands this upcoming year but it will hopefully work great.
2020 has been a crazy year with a lot of change. There has been so much negativity! Hopefully going back to school for hybrid learning will bring us back to that normality and help everybody be happy again. Hybrid learning will be interesting but is a step in the right direction.