Mask Fashion


Sophomore Jade Manriquez shows off her favorite mask

As the Covid-19 pandemic drags on, we have had to change many fundamental aspects of our daily lives, such as social distancing, virtual learning, and wearing masks in public places. The CDC recommends that all people over the age of two wear masks with two or more layers of breathable, washable fabric and masks should be worn “over your nose and mouth and secured under your chin”. Many people are wearing masks with designs, patterns, and unique colors to express themselves and show off their own personal style.
RHS students were asked a series of questions about their mask fashion. One thing many students like about wearing masks is that they’re protecting themselves and others from Covid-19. The masks can provide a sense of security to students and others around them.
Although there are many benefits to wearing masks, many students dislike wearing masks. People have a hard time hearing others when they’re wearing masks and the lower half of peoples faces also tend to get hot when they wear masks for a long period of time. In addition, students who wear glasses say that their masks can cause their glasses to fog up when they breathe, while others say that masks are uncomfortable because they’re hard to breathe in and the straps hurt the backs of their ears.
Some students enjoy the designs and patterns on masks. An RHS student describes her favorite mask as a “white cloth mask with a picture of Harry Styles on it”. Another RHS student says his favorite mask is “a mask with a little face on the front of it.” Many students prefer plain colored masks including black, white, and blue because they’re simple and are easy to match with many outfits. Whether students get their masks at a store or they’re handmade, masks are a new way for students to express their style and individuality.
Masks are a new normal for people all around the country. Many RHS students are making the best of the situation by using masks to express themselves by wearing masks with unique patterns, designs, and pictures on them. Although many students dislike wearing masks, they are a necessity in everyday life because they protect us and the people around us.