Environmental Club Charges On


Evelyn Way

The Environmental Club members during the first in-person, socially distanced, meeting at the RHS pollinator garden.

If you did not know already, it’s cool to be green. If you have not gotten the memo, the Environmental Club has some events planned in the upcoming weeks. With a full schedule on the docket, they have still found opportunities to benefit our local community, with initiatives such as a brand-new composting bin. They refuse to be set back by coronavirus because environmental issues do not wait for anyone.
“The club has so many ideas, and we manage to get them accomplished just by following the safety guidelines and being safe,” said Shelby Campbell, senior, and vice president of the Environmental Club. Campbell is very passionate about many environmental issues, and she has worked very hard to implement new sustainable practices at Riverbend.
“We have worked in our school garden (wearing masks and maintaining social distance) and implemented more native plants,” Campbell continues, “every year, we purchase water filters for the water bottle stations in the Commons.”
Campbell closes by encouraging new members who are interested in building our community into a cleaner and more sustainable place for everyone, stating, “The environmental club is just an overall great way to contribute to your community and make great friends.”
Adding to Campbell, Abigail Marshall, or as her friends like to call her, “green thumb girl,” likes how the Environmental Club has given the opportunity for her to think more sustainably for the future. “It is our duty to protect the environment and preserve it, and the best way to do this is to implement small, green behaviors into our lives like starting to recycle or carrying a reusable water bottle.”
Her efforts so far as historian of the club have led to many new initiatives and she believes it is imperative that we start acting on our impending climate crisis. Marshall states, “I feel as though it is less about passion and more about necessity; we are nearing the threshold in which our carbon footprint will permanently be branded on our Earth.”
As a club, they should be proud of what they have accomplished, while also looking forward to future opportunities. They want the club to be a new opportunity for Riverbend students to start a lifetime of helping where you can; because environmental problems, in fact, do not wait for anyone.