Dire Fires in California


Fires spread, blazing over wildlife in California.

In August of this year, California’s governor reported over 300 wildfires were burning along the West coast. In the past two months, these fires have burned over 4 million acres of land across the state. Dry conditions and high wind gusts cause the fires to spread at an alarming rate everyday. These fires are taking the lives of many Americans and causing significant damage to the environment.

The wildfires may not be directly impacting our lives, but they are impacting the environment of our nation and the families in California. “If anything, it’s not good. Wildfires produce significant amounts of CO2 which is a greenhouse gas that depletes ozone,’ says 

Science National Honor Society member Josh Liberman. 

The wildfires may be in California, but that does not mean they won’t have an impact on our country as a whole. “This is affecting California’s environment as well as the rest of the country’s as the fires are harming necessary plants and animals,” says Riverbend senior, Lucile Harrison. Harrison believes that students at Riverbend should be made aware of the tragedies taking place on the west coast. “The most important thing is increased awareness and education, which will raise the funds necessary to stop them.”

According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, the majority of California experienced extreme conditions on October 25, 2020 and was summoned under a Red Flag Warning. Strong winds predicted to be up to 70mph help spread the flames across the redwoods and flourishing vegetation of California. “It makes me sad to see such a beautiful state up in flames,” says Liberman. “I am hopeful that they can get them under control soon.”

Although the fires have easily spread throughout the state, California’s firefighters and forestry protection department have worked long hours to stop the flames from destroying cities and wildlife. It’s important that everyone gets involved to raise awareness towards this cause, even when 2,000 miles away.