Hybrid In School Learning


As the first period of the school year comes to a close, a new school schedule has come into effect. Students were given the choice to either go back to school or stay in 100% online learning. In this difficult time, we’re all trying to adapt to the new environment and trying to stay positive. Sometimes, things don’t go exactly as planned or how we thought they would go. The Newspaper staff of Riverbend Highschool wants to know how everyone is surviving this new schedule. 

For some people, they chose to go Hybrid so they could finally have the social interaction that they need. Being in quarantine for so long and not really being able to hang out with anyone or go anywhere can be pretty depressing. It’s no surprise that students would want to come to school rather than stay online. For some students who chose Hybrid, it’s more than just social interaction that they are benefitting from going in school. When asked if Hybrid or online was easier, one freshmen said that they chose Hybrid because it’s more motivating, and they like to have an actual bell schedule because they need the routine. “I would like to continue to come to school because I learn better when I’m in front of my teachers,” said a RHS sophomore.

Along with the new school year some changes were made to the school and how it functions as precautions were taken for Covid. Students are now navigated throughout the school by arrows taped on the ground. The lunch room has single desks spread apart. Even the bathroom routes have changed. Even though these precautions were very necessary, it caused a lot of uneasy tension for the students who expected school to be the same as last year. One senior says, “The halls aren’t bad and they work, and it’s nice not having to push through people to get to class. However, I’m not thrilled about the commons situation, but I know it’s the best we can do given the situation. I just really wish the senior courtyard was available.” A junior comments, “I feel like classrooms are set up well. the halls still get a little clustered and I think in lunch they should spread us out more 

This new school year has not only been difficult for students, but for teachers as well. Teachers had to make changes and base an entire school year based off of the way things are being run recently. Not only do the teachers of Riverbend try their hardest to keep all students safe and protected, but they also spend hours on hours making schedules for each of their classes. When asked if it was easier to teach the students in the classroom or online one teacher said, “It’s not really an either/or, though, is it? We’re doing both simultaneously. So I think both suffer a bit. The most difficult element of teaching under these circumstances is getting students at home to actively participate, which impacts both them and the students in person. There’s a critical mass of engagement that’s needed for a good flow of instruction, and it’s going to take some effort to get there. But I’m hopeful we will eventually!” Another teacher says, “I have been really impressed with the many students who have continued to work hard despite difficult circumstances and who have done an amazing job of communicating with teachers when they hit a roadblock. I’m hopeful that these numbers will continue to grow as students adjust to this new normal.”

Riverbend High school has taken necessary steps to make sure that students who do come to school and attend classes physically are safe and are not at risk at getting the virus. In these troubling times the best thing to do is wash your hands frequently, keep a respectful and safe distance, and continue to follow the school rules that have been put in place for this year. Stay strong Bears, we will all get through this together.