The New Normal

We’re so used to meeting up after classes, standing in the halls, and waiting for our friends. So what do we do now that we’re on a hybrid schedule with strict rules? We adapt to these new changes. Adapting our friendships, relationships, and communication skills. 

School is where most students rekindle friendships. People bond over classes, class work, or through mutual friends. The most common meeting areas were in the commons or in the halls. New safety guidelines prevent us from stopping and meeting in these areas. Jalen Suber is able to maintain friendships by “calling, texting, and sometimes seeing and talking during practice.” Like Jalen, Caleb Caison also maintains his friendships through his phone and practices. He also reaches out to his friend group once a week to “hang out and keep the bond close.” 

When it comes to making new friends, school is normally the place to be. Safety guidelines and masks may interfere with the way that we’re used to doing these things. But it’s definitely not impossible to accomplish. Jalen managed to make new friends “usually through social media, but sometimes in person.” Although the normal hangout spots are off limits, students are able to adapt and find other ways to communicate. Some students speak briefly if they have time while others rely strictly on social media and class time. According to Jalen, “there is more free discussion during class due to less people.” With everyone wearing masks, communication can have its difficulties. Caleb describes this as “it usually seems like the person is talking with no emotion.” In this case, tone of voice is definitely everything because we can’t see facial expressions.

Though it has its complications, students are easily adapting to the new sense of learning and communicating. Day by day, piece by piece, everything’s coming together. This is our new normal, we might as well make it enjoyable!