‘Tis the Season of College Applications

College application season is upon us and the temptation to break down before reaching the finish line is high. Many students have already submitted their applications for both Early Action and Early Decision, but the race to the finish line has only just begun.

For some, being completely virtual to start the school year has prepared them for the application process. Katie Murnane, senior, said, “It’s been pretty hard, but I think since most of [this year] was online in the first place, it made it better.” Murnane has applied to three schools so far, but states she does not necessarily have a dream school. Wishing she could go back in time, Murnane reflects, “I’d tell my younger self not to worry as much and just to get started earlier.” Her thoughts echo among other students, who wish they could go back to ease the worries of their younger selves. 

For others, the application process has been something that has taken a lot of time out of their already packed schedules. Anna Jockin, senior, has had to find time for college applications to 7 schools in between running Track, having a job, and maintaining good grades. “I honestly don’t have a dream school. I am just waiting to see where I get in and then deciding from there.” As the final moments passed before she pressed the submit button, “I sat at my computer for about 20 minutes reviewing and staring at my screen because I was so scared. In the end, you do everything during high school and are essentially just putting it all on paper for the colleges. Don’t stress the little things and start early!”

Many students stress the importance of the personal essay, having multiple rounds of edits before they decide it is finished. Rachael Clark, senior, said, “I needed another set of eyes to look over my essays because I spent too much time looking at them.” It can be difficult to keep a cool mindset when having to balance so much, in addition to living through a pandemic. Clark continues, “I felt as if the college application process was very confusing this year.” Despite this, she thinks she has adapted well given the circumstances.

College being on a lot of our seniors’ minds, it takes a toll on their lives during these nerve wracking months. With mixed emotions from being in a global pandemic while they juggle their multifaceted lives, it can feel almost suffocating. However, one thing is clear: from all this time and effort, something amazing is bound to happen.