Animal sightings


With quarantine from Covid-19, many animal sightings have been going up. I interviewed a few students at Riverbend and asked them what animals they have been seeing and many of them said deer and a few said bears and coyotes.

When I asked people how quarantine might have affected the animals one student said, ”With nobody being outside its made the animals less afraid and more curious. They’ve been exploring more and coming out closer to houses and roads.” Mariah a senior at Riverbend said, “I think quarantine has made them come out into the open more because no one has been around to scare them off.”. 

“I think they came out because we lay down a lot of food for them and because it’s starting to get cold”, a student answered when I asked why they think that the animals have been coming out. A sophomore student answered, “We throw vegetables and old food out for them in the front yard”. A common answer that I was getting when I asked this question was that they leave food or scrapes out for them and that’s why the animals have been coming out. 

“Most animals have come up closer and even to the front porch.”, Matt a sophomore answered when I asked if the animals have come up closer than before. “The deer come close to the house all the time, it’s beautiful. The raccoons and bears usually get caught stealing our trash so they’re normally up by the house.” A senior said.