The Changes in Learning

This year has been everywhere, but this educational year is like no other. Whether it’s schools closing, schools reopening, or just school work in general; these things have affected every student in either a positive or negative way. We’ve been through a lot and we need to find common ground. 

Back in March, we never would’ve thought that the day before spring break would be our last day in school for a while. Upperclassmen missed their prom, seniors missed their average graduation, and students missed their exams and SOL’s. For me personally, I was initially excited about not having to go back to school after spring break. But then the months passed and it hit me that school is where I get a majority of my social interactions and that was no longer available. For junior Joanna Bonilla, she states she was “happy at first but then was surprised (they) closed everything down for so long.” 

Starting the 2020-2021 school year virtually was definitely something different. Joanna states that with the shorter classes and being 100% virtual; it made her happy because she was “doing so much better.” When it came to the workload, I think we can all agree that it was initially “overwhelming and hard to balance.” What helped her with those challenges was writing down her assignments so that she wouldn’t forget. 

Now being on a hybrid schedule takes some getting used to as well. It took some time for students to adjust to getting their work done in an 100% virtual setting. But now it’s harder for some students because they just got the hang of the initial schedule, and now they have to readjust to a new schedule. Like Joanna, many students feel “drained by the end of the day” even though they’re at home. Focusing on a computer screen for hours can be very challenging for some virtual students. On the positive side, the workload can be easier for some due to the presence of a teacher. 

All in all, we’ve been through a lot as a school, as a state, and as a country. Each decision made affects the student body in one way or another. These changes can be difficult for students so it’s important to be on one accord.