2021 resolutions


With the end of 2020 coming up soon, people have started to plan out their new year’s resolutions. A resolution is when a person resolves to continue good practices or change an undesired behavior or to achieve a personal goal. Eighty percent of people tend to fail to keep up with their New Years’ resolutions. 

 When I asked Camerynn what her resolution was she said, “I want to get better grades this upcoming year because my grades need improvement, and grades are important.”. I asked her how she was going to achieve it, “I’m going to have to hold myself more accountable for my own grades and focus on my classes rather than putting them off and procrastinating.”. My last question was if she thought she was going to go through with her resolution, “I hope I do but I get distracted easily and tend to give up on things.” 

The next person I interviewed was Emma, I asked her what her New Years’ resolution was, “My resolution is to manage my stress better since it puts me in a bad mood and it affects me working and doing school.”. I also asked her how she planned to achieve her goal, “I plan to achieve it by meditating and doing breathing exercises when I get stressed. I also plan on managing my time better and spacing things out rather than doing all my work the night it is due.” My final question to her was if she planned to keep up with her resolution, “Yes, I’m very positive I’m going to keep up with my resolution since my stress is affecting my everyday life and I need to get it under control.” 

With News Years’ night coming up so quickly and the end of the chaotic 2020, we all know, hopefully 2021 will be better for all of us. In hopes of a better year next year hopefully more people can keep up with their resolution. What’s your New Years’ resolution?