Seniors Handling Graduation


With COVID-19 still running rapid, people still have questions about their lives and how they will be impacted down the road. The students at Riverbend High School have come to realize that they will not have a normal school day or any school event in a very long time. Probably the biggest question about school events that is up in the air is graduation. Seniors have been looking forward to graduation for almost their entire lives and they are very hopeful that it won’t be affected.

Based on the regulations and the issues with COVID-19 right now, graduation might not happen in general. Senior Sean Miller thinks that graduation will happen, but it will be different. He said, “I believe that many of the precautionary practices will still be in place. Even the places around the world that have effectively wiped out all COVID cases (i.e. New Zealand, or Victoria, Australia) are still practicing social distancing and many places there are still shut down.” Since the United States is in a bad place right now, it is going to take us much longer to get back to normality than other countries.

There are a number of different ways the school could do graduation, but a normal one would be what students and families prefer more than anything else. Sean Miller said, “personally, I plan on hosting a few people in a large setting, most likely outdoors. As for the school’s graduation, I would hope that the school is able to host a celebration, whether it be individual like what they did for last year’s seniors, or possibly even outside in the football stadium, where social distancing will be easier, and it’ll be outside, which is overall safer due to COVID.” If the school could do an outdoor graduation, still have all of the students and families be together, but social distance, that would be a great alternative that most students and families would not have an issue with.

Seniors are bummed out since last year was our last time at school that everything was normal. The Seniors this year have missed one prom and most likely a second, one homecoming, a whole sports season for some athletes, and now maybe a graduation. The Seniors have lost everything fun that comes with school in the last one and a half years, so hopefully, they can get one win.