New Year’s Resolutions


A statement many make every year, but rarely follow through with. New Year’s Resolutions usually are not completely followed through as the difficulties of life overcome our premature jocularity. Completely changing our lifestyles overnight is not easy to say the least, but some still try.

One of these hopefuls is senior, Karenna Barrales. Her New Year’s Resolution is to save as much money for college as possible. “It’ll relieve some of my stress for college expenses, and I’ll take anything to minimize the stress of college,” says Barrales, an incoming freshman to the University of Virginia’s Class of 2025. She is very eager to start this year off on a high note and plans to make real change. Barrales continues, “the people in this country are not equal, so this year, I want to join groups and be vocal about the issues in this country and try to affect change.” She wants to make 2021 better than last year by becoming her best self in college. 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that taking care of your mental health is extremely important. Riverbend senior, Chelsea Lankford, is taking this mindset into 2021. “My New Year’s Resolution is to work hard, and to do things that make me happy,” said Lankford. She believes that cherishing the moments you have with the ones you care about is very important. “I learned that we can go at any time, and it’s really important to appreciate every day you have on this earth because tomorrow could be our last.”

As the year has already started, we are left to wait and see how and if people follow through with their commitments. Although the only real way that we can change is to just start.