Riding into College


This school year has created much difficulty for students to learn and flourish in school and extracurricular activities; However, this has not seemed to have much of an effect on Riverbend senior, Emma Moulton. Moulton began competing in horse shows at a young age and trained everyday after school. Throughout the COVID season, Moulton continues to advance in her technique and training, as she prepares for a Division 1 future in college. 

Throughout her high school career, Moulton has traveled around the East coast, competing against highly skilled riders. “For my normal competitions I mainly stay in Virginia but for my end of the year competitions, I have gone to Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Florida,’ said Moulton. “Later on this year, I will be staying and competing in Florida.”

Within horseback riding, there are many different disciplines that judges critique. Some competitions focus more on the rider, rather than the horse, or vice versa. “ I am an english rider but I show under the equitation style,” said Moulton. “This means that you are judged mainly on yourself and how easily and seamlessly you can make you and your horse look while you are in the show ring.”

During her freshman year, Moulton and her horse were considered the top ranked duo in her division across the nation. “I plan on continuing my riding career in college,” said Moulton. “I hope to ride for a division one college, preferably out of state, or on a club team.”

In order to achieve such a high rank and accomplishments, Moulton has made sacrifices to attain her goals. “Since my horse competitions are almost all year long, I’ve had to miss school and many opportunities to hang out with my friends,” said Moulton. “It can be difficult making up school assignments and keeping up with classes that I missed, but with determination I was able to keep my grades up while pursuing my passion.”

With support and perseverance, Moulton has been able to achieve great accomplishments throughout high school and is excited to continue doing what she loves after she graduates.