Getting Game Day Ready

Here we are, the long awaited sports season! As we know, this season is like no other. With that being said, our games are going to look considerably different. How are athletes preparing for these games and the new look of things?

For sophomore Logan Suber, he’s preparing to get game day ready by working out. With confidence, he says he “feel(s) great” and doesn’t “feel like losing” during this basketball season. Keeping an open mindset, Logan’s response to the lack of fans is that “it’ll be like a scrimmage.” This season is important and means a lot to Logan because it’s his last year playing with his brother. Who he’s been playing on a team with since 2016.

As for his brother, senior Jalen Suber, he likes to “relax and get [his] mind and body ready mentally, hours before the game.” He also reviews plays and discusses things with the team before heading out. When asked how he feels about the difference in the season, Jalen states “I’m excited for this year! Although the atmosphere is not the same, we all still have the same goal this year, to win a championship.” The lack of fans won’t change the game, he admits that he does “enjoy and feed off energy from the fans,” but he tries not to let it affect how he plays. Jalen feels “comfortable playing and practicing even with Covid-19” because they’re “taking the necessary precautions to ensure a safe environment.” Being a senior is difficult this year so this season definitely means a lot. Suber describes it as his “last chance to ever play high school basketball.” He continues “with all the adversity with Covid and many other things, we feel this is our year (as seniors) to leave a legacy and bring Riverbend it’s first basketball championship.” 

So far this season has been looking great for our Bears as they continue to push towards success.