Keeping it Stylish During Winter

Fashion has become a routine in the everyday lives of many here at Riverbend. Regardless of online school, people are still showing up dressed to the nines. During the winter, people use the opportunity to layer, experiment, and develop their own personal style. 

Take Cassidy Mullins, a senior this year. Her style has blossomed into something truly unique to her, and she encourages others to “wear what you want.” Some of her favorites recently include rings, oversized zip-up hoodies, and pops of color in the hair. She even goes so far as to say, “when I don’t have my rings on, 40 degrees feels like 20.” 

Her philosophy on fashion is simple, yet rings true: “We can use [fashion] to gain confidence and feel more in control of our body and mind.” She continues, “It’s only important that you look in the mirror and think ‘I’m so swag.’” It is apparent that Mullins uses fashion as a way to express herself, while her confidence and vibrance is something to look up to. 

From a guy’s perspective, fashion should have to be something to stress over. William Goldsmith, a senior, says “Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. One shouldn’t conform to any ideals that others hold.” He has been wearing mostly comfortable clothing right now due to Covid, but explains “I definitely wear a lot more old people clothing and have let my hair down.” 

His easygoing attitude is something that is important to remember to take fashion and life less seriously sometimes. “Whatever looks good on me is enough,” Goldsmith states. This approach to fashion has become more common as more people turn to fashion to express themselves and never take oneself too seriously. 

Alexis Johnson, a senior here at Riverbend, expresses herself through her unique fashion choices, and has a particular eye for fashion. One glance at her Instagram and you can tell she knows what she is doing. “I think fashion is important because it allows people to express themselves, their values, their beliefs, and even their culture in a creative way,” Johnson says. Her recent wardrobe staple has been cardigans, and states “They’re great for layering and are a really cute touch to any outfit.”

It seems the lesson from both of these fashion icons is universally shared, “wear whatever you want,” Johnson exclaims. She emphasizes the importance of wearing what you want and “don’t be afraid to wear what you like.” Looking towards the future, she hopes to be more confident in her fashion choices and continue to grow and convey her personal development through her clothes. 

Fashion tends to be always changing, but one thing remains constant: you should wear exactly what you want. Do not be afraid to mix it up, try new things, and most importantly, use fashion to express your amazing self.