How real are you on social media?


Are you actually showing who you really are online? With social media consuming many people’s daily life I wanted to know if people are actually being their real selves on social media. Since many influencers don’t show how they really are on social media I wanted to know if everyone else is the same way or if they don’t have a persona on social media. 


I found that many people use Snapchat and Instagram the most to post on social media and I wanted to know how often they post. “I post a lot on Snapchat but only in my private story”, Izzy a junior said. “I only post when I want to on certain social media while on others I don’t post at all.” Camerynn W. said. 


I asked them if they project the real them on social media or if they have a persona that they keep up with. “I have a bit of a persona on social media because I want my personal life to be personal unless I choose to make something public”, Meryn K. said. Another student answered, “I only project the real me on social media because growing up I was told ‘be who you want to be’ so I am who I want to be and I don’t see a need to hide it.” Camerynn W. said. 


The final question I asked was if people were afraid of people seeing the real them on social media. “Yes but also no, I try to act the same way in person and on social media. I feel as if on public social media I take out certain elements of who I am and on my private stories I am who I truly am.” Izzy answered. “No because what I put on social media is who I am so therefore I do not care if people see who I really am,” Meryn K. said. 


Social media can be a place where you can post and do almost anything. You can have a persona if you choose to or you can choose not to. Showing that some people chose to keep some things to a smaller circle and not the whole world is what tends to happen more commonly among our peers. Are you real on social media?