Covid-19 Vaccine


Tara Cantwell receives the first round of her Covid vaccine PHOTO CREDIT: Mike Morones(Free Lance Star)

Teachers and other school employees were among the first people in America to receive the vaccine for Covid-19. Riverbend teachers were sent a survey regarding getting their vaccines. They were given one of two versions of the vaccine: Pfizer or Moderna, and of the teachers who filled out the survey, 46% received the Pfizer vaccine and 54% received the Moderna vaccine. 

Staff members were asked if they experienced any symptoms after receiving the vaccine and most only had mild symptoms. Many said they experienced soreness at the injection site for up to 48 hours after receiving their shot. Others also noticed some bruising at or around the injection site for a few days after their shot. A few other staff members noticed that they felt tired and had body aches up to three days after receiving the vaccine. The symptoms seemed to vary based on the person and which vaccine they received.

The main goal of the vaccine is to prevent the future spread of the virus and to make people feel safer when being around others. Staff members had mixed feelings about safety after getting the vaccine. Many said they would feel safer after getting the second round of the vaccine, which is available 3-4 weeks after the first round. No vaccine is 100% effective so getting this vaccine doesn’t eliminate the chance of contracting Covid, and because there’s still a chance of getting sick, most staff members say they will continue to carefully follow all Covid guidelines. Right now, the vaccine is only available to a small percentage of the population, which is another reason why staff members feel they need to continue following the guidelines. 

Riverbend staff members went to Mary Washington Hospital to get their vaccines and almost all of them say their experience with the hospital was very simple. Staff members say the event was very organized and the workers made the experience very easy. They are excited to be taking the next step in getting back to a “normal” lifestyle.