Upcoming Football Season

A high school football season in February, who would’ve guessed?! But here we are, preparing for a long awaited season. Like basketball, our football season will be played with no fans in the stands and less games than usual.

Sophomore Mathias Barnwell, otherwise known as “Mega” is new to Riverbend but far from new when it comes to football. With only being a sophomore, Mathias has several offers from schools including Duke University, Penn State University, University of Virginia, and many more to name. The tight end player has been preparing for this season by “training day in and day out, trying to get better.” His biggest inspiration has been his mom, she “pushes [him] every single day to be the best student athlete [he] can be.” His mom has always been his number one fan, so having no physical fans during the games will “suck” because his mom has never missed a game. Mega adds he’s just “blessed to have the chance to play.” When asked what this season means to Mathias, he responded with “every season means everything to me, I still have people to prove wrong.” His goals for this season is to win the district championship and make a playoff run. He also wants to get “12 touchdowns and 500 yards.” 

Senior, Skylar Grant is an offensive guard and defensive tackle for our football team. He’s no stranger when it comes to the Riverbend football field. Grant has various offers lined up for him including Old Dominion University, Buffalo University, Saint Francis University, and others. One of his goals for this season is to “have a winning season.” He believes that’s something their team can definitely do this year. They plan on achieving this goal by “working hard every day at practice and making sure [they] know what [they] have to do every game.” Skylar has been preparing for his last ride by “working out daily, going to the gym, and training outside of practice.” All of their hard work comes into play during each game, but facing Massaponax is a highly awaited game for Skylar. When asked why, Grant said “it’s a rivalry game for us and I know all my guys are anxious to play.”  This season really means a lot to him because it’s his last year before college and he wants to “leave [his] mark on this football team” so that his name is “talked about for years to come.”

Our football season is nearly here! Although we’re unable to physically be there, be sure to tune in online.