RHS Bears Perform “Clue”


With limited sports and activities being held at Riverbend and many canceled this year, Riverbend’s theater department seems to be continuing their productions through the COVID-19 season. While following COVID regulations, the theater department has been preparing their production of “Clue,” based on “Clue” the movie. 

The theater department will be performing the show using two different plans. “The first one is outside and six feet apart,” says Riverbend senior, Will Goldsmith. “The second one is inside with masks on and following all the rules.”

Even though the COVID guidelines can make it more challenging to put on a show, the theater department is excited to perform for their friends, family, and other students. “Each plan presents a unique challenge we must work around, but I’m sure we’ll be putting on a show no matter what,” said Goldsmith. Goldsmith will be playing the character, “Wadsworth,” in the production this year. 

As hybrid learning has just started back up and some continue to stay online, learning for the drama department has been very different, but many students have adapted to this new type of schooling. “Learning has been quite difficult for drama this year due to COVID, but Mrs. Cresswell is doing an amazing job so that drama still feels like the previous years,” says Goldsmith. “It’s been different since we can’t really act so close to each other, but the passion is still there in everyone.” 

Although this year’s drama performance will be nothing like Riverbend has ever seen before, the students are just as excited to be able to put on the production and do what they love most. Invite your friends and family to this year’s COVID friendly production of Clue!